Are You Setting Up Your Instagram Account to Grow?

We all want more followers. We want to reach new audiences, spread our messages, showcase our products/services and increase sales.

While some of us are trying every tip and trick to grow our followings, some of us are not doing anything about it or are stuck somewhere in between.

For the most part, we see our number of followers rise and drop every day. We check out our Instagram profile and experience the high of getting new followers and ten minutes later, we check again and experience the low of losing them.

It’s hard not to get bummed out or at least a little disappointed when we see this happen, but at this moment we should ask ourselves… after the ups and downs, gains and losses, highs and lows, do we have more followers than before? is our following engaging more? are we selling more?

The bottom line is… it’s not about the quantity of Instagram followers you have, it’s about the quality. Click To Tweet

The bottom line is… it’s not about the quantity of the Instagram followers we have, it’s about the quality. Sure it would be great to have millions of followers – which we will at some point if we do things right – but we just need the “right kind” of followers to grow and succeed.

So who are these people? Who are the “right kind” of followers?

The right kind of Instagram followers are the ones that are really committed to what we do. Followers that love our brand so much that they want to become customers and tell others about it, so they can become customers too.

The right kind of followers love your brand so much that they want to become customers and tell others about it, so they can become customers too. Click To Tweet

So how do we grow our IG accounts, so we get followers like these and not ghosts who disappear after a few hours, sometimes even minutes?

The only way to set up and account that grows in the right direction and with the right kind of people is to do it intentionally. All we need to do is set those intentions and come up with a list of actions to turn them into a reality.

Here are some examples:

Intention #1 – I want to grow our Instagram account to do more business.

This means turning fans into customers, increasing sales with current customers, getting into more stores or websites, as well as other activities that are part of our sales strategy.

Intention #2 – I want to grow our Instagram account to increase business exposure.

This means developing old and new relationships, discovering new partners, connecting with influencers, joining groups and events, doing giveaways and more.

Intention #3 – I want to grow our Instagram account to connect with true fans.

This means spreading our messages authentically, learning more about our customers every day, sharing valuable content and connecting at a deeper level.

Of course you can have more intentions of your own. In fact, take a minute to think about your personal intentions when it comes to your fashion business IG account.

Write them down and explain what each intention entails in a few words, just like we did above.

Once you are clear about your intentions behind “why” you want to grow your Instagram following, now is all about coming up with the right steps to take action.

If you need help in coming up with these steps, we invite you to join us at our next free webinar “7 Tips for a More Profitable Instagram Account.” In there, we will discuss 7 ideas that you can put into action to turn those intentions into reality. 

If you are tired of just existing on Instagram and seeing your followers go up and down. We want to help you figure out a strategy with specific steps to take, so you can grow steadily and have a more profitable IG account.

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