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Personal Stylist & Fashion Blogger, Sandra Mateu

Helping business women + talent look their best at events, photo shoots, videos and more.


Welcome! My name is Sandra Mateu. I'm the creator and founder of Gitana Styling. I've worked in the media and fashion industry for more than 10 years. I help business women and talent look their best. I do so by dressing them for events, speaking engagements, video productions, photo shoots and everyday life. I believe in dressing the part not only to look professional, but also to feel happy, confident and empowered. When you feel great, your inner beauty shines through and this drastically affects all areas of your life and business in a positive way.

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7 Tips To Look More Put Together

7 Tips To Look More Put Together

Jan 18, 2017 | No Comments

  Some days are crazier than others, that’s for sure. Maybe we didn’t have a chance to plan ahead or maybe things came up unexpectedly. Maybe you are always on the run and this is a way of life for you { crazy days, I mean 😉 }. Whatever it is or was, the bottom […]

How To Grow Your Fashion Business

How To Grow Your Fashion Business

Jan 7, 2017 | No Comments

  The first week of the year is over. Incredible right? How was it? Are you still excited about the new year? Don’t let the energy drop. I know you can do it. We all can! Stay motivated and have a plan to keep moving forward. Don’t let your feelings mess up what can be. […]

7 Things I Learned in 2016

7 Things I Learned in 2016

Dec 29, 2016 | No Comments

  Hi Beautiful! Thank you for being here and for reading this special post. I want to wrap up the year with some things I learned this 2016. Those that made all the difference in my personal and professional life. There were specific tips, teachings and inspirations that made a mark on me this year; And […]


  • “I loved working with Sandra. As a “plus” size girl, I have been hiding behind black tops and bottoms for years. Sandra showed me alternatives that did not intimidate me and I am incorporating the colors and items she suggested. I feel better about my appearance already. Sandra is very knowledgeable and professional, but also very friendly and genuinely cares. It’s nice to know I have someone I can trust to help me look my best. I highly recommend Sandra and Gitana Styling.”

    - Jane Lorenz, Intuitive Empowerment Coach & Business Mentor |

  • “I thoroughly loved this experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for a Personal Stylist. Sandra got me and my style down so well, from a chic, classy & sophisticated look to my wild, inner rock chick side. She seemed to just ‘get me’. The looks were put together beautifully and in a way that was easy to understand. It is so much fun and you will feel great afterwards. Thank you Sandra.”

    - Pamela Sommers, SommerSparkle Jewelry & Accessories |

  • “You are the best! 100 percent client satisfaction.”

    - Lazmel Melendez, Producer and editor.

  • “My closet has been organized since you helped!!! Thank you Closet Miracle Maker!”

    - Vivien Balcker, Financial Advisor

  • Español – “Me encanta trabajar con Sandra Mateu por su profesionalidad y compromiso con el trabajo. Es una persona apasionada por su trabajo y siempre dispuesta a conseguir solución en el momento que sé necesite. Hemos trabajado varias veces y siempre demuestra compromiso y disposición.”

    - Fabiola Perez, Healthy Living blogger |

  • “Working with Sandra was an absolute pleasure. She helped me pick my outfits and advised me on what clothes and combinations would suit me better. She helped me find outfits that would have never crossed my mind to wear but made me look fabulous. She knows her craft and I would recommend her work to anyone who wants to look like a million bucks!”

    - Erika Ferenczi, Business Coach | The Unstoppable Female.






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