Hi! My name is Sandra Mateu Yotty. I’m the founder of Gitana Styling and the Fashion Entrepreneur Club. I’ve worked in the media and fashion industry for more than 10 years. I help men and women look their best at events, speaking engagements, video productions, photo shoots and everyday life. I believe in dressing the part not only to look professional, but also to feel happy, confident and empowered. When you feel great, your inner beauty shines through and this drastically affects all areas of your life and business in a positive way.

My Personal Style… Classic, elegant and chic.

My Style Icons… Carolina Herrera, Stacy London and Olivia Palermo.

My Motto… “Get Up, Dress Up And Never Give Up!”

My Favorite Quote… “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right,” Henry Ford.

A Couple Of My Favorite Things… brownies, gummy bears, an awesome handbag, a jean jacket, family, friends, life and so much more!

My Background…

My professional background is in television and fashion. I have been a producer, writer and stylist for more than 10 years. Production after production, I styled talents and models on set. I put together wardrobes for commercials, short films and photoshoots. I freelanced as a fashion writer for magazines and blogs.

Gitana Styling…

In 2013, I decided to open Gitana Styling and focus my energy on helping women through personal styling. My mission is to provide women with an image that makes them look and feel stylish, happy and empowered.

The Fashion Entrepreneur Club…

Through the years, I’ve developed a passion to help fellow fashion entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The journey of an entrepreneur can be lonely and frustrating. Why go at it alone, when we can do it together? Why do research for ours, when someone a few steps ahead of you can share with you what you need to know. For these and many reasons, we have created the Fashion Entrepreneur Club. A place where fashionpreneurs can find inspiration, support and knowledge to grow their fashion business. To join, visit us HERE.


Sandra has worked with: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Miami Hair Beauty & Fashion, Phoenix Fashion Week, Premios Billboard, Sony Ericsson, SONY, Magik Beauty, Alpina, Desso, MasterCard, John Casablancas, Glamour Latin America, Examiner.com, Miami Shoot Magazine, Lifestyle Publications, eHow Style, DiabeTV, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, FSN & More.

Phoenix Fashion Week…

I’ve had the privilege to support Phoenix Fashion Week as part of their Style Team since May 2016. It has been a pleasure working with such a motivated group of people who want to truly bridge designers and buyers plus give a voice and a place in the world to Arizona Fashion. At PHXFW I work closely with designers to make their vision a reality in fashion shows, photo shoots, special projects and more.

Phoenix Fashion Week


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