PHXFW’s Spring Into Style Recap With Gitana Styling

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The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona served as the setting for Phoenix Fashion Week’s spring runway trend show “Spring Into Style” this past March 25th, 2017.

Arizona’s top stylists Style Stalkers, Ashley Paige, Sarah Parks, Sandra Mateu Yotty, Mitch Phillips and Parisa Zahedi participated in the event showcasing a spring trend of their choice, which included:

Style Stalkers – Statement sleeves trend

Ashley Paige (Ashley Paige Collective) – Floral trend

Sarah Parks (Fashion To Fit You) – Traveler trend

Sandra Mateu Yotty (Gitana Styling) – Yellow trend

Mitch Phillips (Rare Scarf Vintage) – Mixed prints trend

Parisa Zahedi – Punk trend

Spring into Style

The event started with a press conference where media and bloggers asked the stylists about their backgrounds, careers and inspiration for the show.

Press conference Spring into Style

Photo by Looking At You Too.

Sandra Mateu press conference

Photo by Looking At You Too.

Press Conference

Photo provided by PHXFW.

This was immediately followed by the red carpet where influencers, fashion entrepreneurs and fashionistas joined the spring soiree.

red carpet

Influencers – Photo provided by PHXFW.

Actor Beau Yotty, Stylist Sandra Mateu Yotty – Photo by Gitana Styling.

floral team

Lifestyle blogger Harpreet Maan and Stylist Ashley Paige – Photo by Harpreet Maan.

red carpet

Style Stalkers and Host/Model Bianca Mead – photo by Style Jinx.

Each stylist worked closely with an influencer to make their vision a reality.

Style Stalkers – Statement Sleeves – Lifestyle blogger, Collectively Candice

Ashley Paige – Floral – Lifestyle blogger, Harpreet Maan

Sarah Parks – Traveler – Philanthropist, Thill Westbrooks

Sandra Mateu Yotty – Yellow – Miss Arizona USA, Tommy Lynn Calhoun

Mitch Phillips – Mixed Prints – Lifestyle blogger sisters Leslie + Lindsey of SmartBlondes

Parisa Zahedi – Punk – TV Commentator and host, Kinsey Schofield


Top left to right: Harpreet Maan, Miss Arizona USA Tommy Lynn Calhoun, Phill Westbrooks. Bottom left to right: Collectively Candice, Smart Blondes, Kinsey Schofield – Photo provided by PHXFW.

As guests kept arriving, people enjoyed a Style Villa filled with jewelry, clothes and accessories from vendors Park Lane Jewelry, Monica Mauro Jewelry, JBloom Designs, Divaz Boutique, Shazia’s Boutique, Honey B’s Boutique, Blush Boutique, Cha Cha Chic, Liv Rio Sportswear, BLU Bags and #PHXFW The Collection.

Style Villa 3

JBloom Designs – Photo provided by PHXFW.

Style Villa

Honey B’Boutique – Photo provided by PHXFW.

The unbelievable view of the Arizona landscape and mountains accompanied by the melodies of singer and guitar player Tom Kumagai set the ambiance for the night.

The Phoenician Resort

Photo by Gitana Styling.

Jokake Inn The Phoenician

Photo by Gitana Styling.

Jokake Inn The Phoenician

Jokake Inn at The Phoenician – Photo provided by PHXFW.

Tom Kumagai

Singer & Songwriter Tom Kumagai – Photo provided by PHXFW.

The sleek Log-in Lounge by Allure Event Company was a crowd’s favorite next to the new runway setup by the Phoenix Fashion Week production team.

Log In Lounge

Log-In Lounge by Allure Event Co – Photo provided by PHXFW.


Photo provided by PHXFW.

Around 8:15 pm PHXFW Director, Brian Hill grabbed the mic and the fashion show began!

The first show was “Statement Sleeves” by Style Stalkers. Boldness, elegance and sleeves. The perfect opener for a night of originality, chicness and stardom!

Fashion Strip Statement Sleeves

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The second show was “Floral” by Ashley Paige. A mix of feminine and edginess that gave a fresh look to the traditional spring trend. Fabulous!

Fashion Strip Floral

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The third show was “Traveler” by Sarah Parks (One of my personal favorites!). Handsome men, wearing perfectly put together suits, taking us somewhere exotic. What else can I say? 

Fashion Strip Traveler

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The fourth show was “Yellow” by us (Sandra Mateu Yotty/ Gitana Styling). Different shades of yellow paired in a variety of ways with different colors. Inspired by the idea of spending “A day on a yacht.” The goal, to help women incorporate the bright and bold hue into their everyday wardrobes {We will cover our yellow show in detail next week! Stay tuned}.

Fashion Strip Yellow

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The fifth show was “Mixed Prints” by Mitch Phillips. An explosion of creativity with every outfit. One of the audience’s favorite for sure. Each look embodied the eclectic, fun and talent of its creator. Excellent!

Fashion Strip Mixed Prints

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The sixth and final show – a show stopper – “Punk” by Parisa Zahedi. Earlier Parisa said she wanted to show that punk wasn’t dead and so she did. Another extremely creative soul that closed the night on a high note! (A rock and roll, leather, fish nets kind of note!).

Fashion Strip Punk

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The hair and makeup was provided by Toni&Guy USA and MUZE Makeup (Incredible job!).


Photo provided by PHXFW.

Muze Beauty 3

Photo provided by PHXFW.

The after party took place at Ellure Lounge (Just fab!).

After Party Ellure Lounge

What a night! Thank you Phoenix Fashion Week for giving us the opportunity to express our creative minds and share it with the audience. it was a fun, energizing and rewarding journey! Till next year! xoxo!

PHXFW’s Spring Into Style 2017 Recap! Click To Tweet

SIS recap

Top 6 Stylists

Photo provided by PHXFW.

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