How to Keep up with Our Wardrobe Needs?

Has this ever happened to you?

You are getting ready to go somewhere and suddenly realize that you can’t wear an outfit because you are missing “x” piece, which actually happened the last time you tried to wear that same outfit! (I need to get a top for this skirt! I want to wear this skirt!).

Or you finally came up with the perfect outfit and you remember that your red pants are no good because they shrunk or you spilled something on them – just recently – that you can’t get rid of.

Whatever it may be, you have to make sure you remember this crucial piece of information next time you go shopping, so this doesn’t happen again (Buy a new pair of black pants, buy a new pair of black pants!).

And I understand we are all crazy busy and honestly, I don’t rely on my brain – or memory for that matter – any more than you do because I can’t. There is too much information in my brain already. What I actually do is use a tool that saves the day every time! I’m talking about my Wardrobe Shopping List!

My Wardrobe Shopping List PIN (2)

Just like we have a grocery shopping list on the fridge. We can have a wardrobe shopping list in our closets!

Why? Because shopping can be easy if you have a plan! (tweatable!).

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Think about it…you just realized that your favorite pair of nude pumps no longer has a heel (When did this happen? Where did I wear this to last time?) and you need to replace them like yesterday.

You can go to your list (keep a pen or pencil handy) and write it down!

I’ve used this system for years and it works every time. I swear!

I tend to accumulate 4-5 things on my list and then go with a game plan to my favorite online store or local boutique/shop.

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Maybe you realized you always want to wear that beautiful floral skirt, but you don’t have a top that goes with it. Write it down on your list!

It’s easy to get distracted by sales, front door mannequins with the latest merchandise, trendy accessories and patterns, and forget what we are shopping for.

Having a list, keeps us focused and on a mission!

I also write on my list if something needs to be repaired, taken to the dry cleaners or if a special event is coming up and I need a particular outfit.

It’s so refreshing to put down on paper what I need and open space in my mind for other things!

So let me ask you, in what other ways would you use this list?

Please share with us below and if you want, download our free Wardrobe Shopping List PDF to start getting organized for your next shopping trip!

To download the free Wardrobe Shopping List PDF, click here.

At the Style Printable Club, we create tools, PDFs and printables to help you with your styling needs. Want in? Get our free Wardrobe Shopping List PDF here.

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