How to Use The Style Binder This 2017


How to use the style binder this 2017 by Gitana Styling

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After a lot of work, our Style Binder is finally out for sale. Yay! {Happy Dance!} I’ve been working really hard on creating a physical product that could help YOU and me take control of the style department in our lives. Something that you could keep at home, in your closet, at your night stand to create the image and wardrobe you want and deserve.

I am only one being and as much as I would love to meet you in person, you may be far away in another city, country, continent, who knows! Right? So I’ve been trying to put this product together to still guide you through the personal styling process and provide you with results.

If you have never heard about our Style Binder, I describe it as a mini personal styling consultation. This guide walks you through all the steps I normally take with my clients when they hire me for personal styling services. The goal of this process? To help you define your true style, create a personal style profile, detox and organize your closet, create a wardrobe budget and shopping list, learn tips and tricks to improve your image and boost your confidence.

The Style Binder comes with 8 pretty printables that cover the three most important areas that help define your look: personal styling, closet organization and shopping success.

Get the Style Binder here

Here is the list of what’s included:


Printable 1 – Personal Profile PDF

Printable 2 – Style Personality & Goals Printable


Printable 3 – Detox Your Life Printable

Printable 4 – Organize Your Life Printable


Printable 5 – Shopping Budget PDF

Printable 6 – Let’s Make A List Printable


Printable 7 – The Style 101 Mantras

Printable 8 – It’s All About Confidence Tool


Let me show you what some of the printables look like!

Style Binder cover by Gitana Styling

style personality and goals Style Binder

Get the Style Binder here

detox your life printable Style Binder

the shopping joy Style Binder

Get the Style Binder here

8 printables Style Binder by Gitana Styling

So there you have it! The Style Binder, our mini styling consultation, helps you take control of the styling department in your life and develop a wardrobe that works for your life. You will use this binder all year long, every time you have a question, every time you go shopping, every time you go through a transition with your wardrobe and more.

I keep mine up-to-date and in alignment with my work and social life. I keep it in my closet and use it all the time. The great thing about this binder is that you can print out more pages when you need to and you can always add more useful styling tools throughout the year. At Gitana Styling, we are always coming up with new tools and printables are definitely one of our favorites. You can download them anytime you want from our TOOLS section in our website at or by joining our VIP List for free. When you join the VIP List, you receive our style updates once a week as well as any styling tools we create.

If you want to upgrade your image next year and create a wardrobe that truly matches your lifestyle and empowers you, get your Style Binder kit here.

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We currently have a Christmas Sale going that ends Wednesday, December 21st at 11 pm MST. Get $2.00 off your Style Binder and we will donate $2.00 extra per binder sold to the Shriners Hospital for Children.

Christmas Sale Style Binder by Gitana Styling

Get your binder here.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!

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