Do “you” have a place in your family budget?


As women, we make most monetary decisions in our household. Everything from our kid’s after-school activities to the acquisition of the plants sitting in our kitchen counters. We know where every penny goes and what each dollar represents in the family budget.

When it comes to our personal expenses, whether we are moms or not, we might experience a feeling of guilt or something similar when buying something. I guess having the whole picture of our economics and handling so many details at once can make us feel anxious regarding purchases.

Well, I have news for you. You are sabotaging your own place in the family budget. Your husband or partner, your kids, the household and even the gardener has a place in your financial plan. Why not you? The one that runs it and makes sure there is money available to cover every expense and protect the well-being of your family.

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Like everyone else, we (women) have necessities and we have a right and a duty to fulfill them. If a purchase is going to improve your quality of life, bring success and knowledge or simply pamper you for how great you are, is okay. As long as it fits the budget, you can and have to take care of your necessities.

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So, get rid of the guilt, anxiety, stress, anger or whatever it is and add a category to that budget of yours titled “Mommy,” “Sally,” “Best Woman Ever” or whatever you like. Set a number that feels comfortable and that is doable and take care of your necessities. It doesn’t matter what they are: yoga, clothes, hair dresser, chiropractor, etc. They all satisfy different areas in your life such as health, self-steam, knowledge, beauty, fashion, spiritual and many others. We are multifaceted beings with many duties, hats and roles in life. You must take care of yourself or no one will!

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