The Best Shades of Yellow To Wear According To Your Hair Color


In general people love the color yellow, but they are afraid to wear it.

Today we want to share with you the best shades of yellow to wear according to your hair color.

Best shades of yellow

Blonde Hair and Yellow Clothes:

Lots of blondes consider yellow a tricky color when it comes to their wardrobes and in most cases don’t wear it. They think that because they have “yellow” hair they can’t wear “yellow” clothes.

Well, I have news for you… If you are a blonde, you can wear yellow and you can do it beautifully!

Here is an easy tip to remember! “Try to match you hair color to your clothes.”

For example, if you are a cool blonde (platinum, beige or ash) look for yellow clothes that are cool too (pale yellow, pastel yellow, poppy yellow).

If you are a warm blonde (honey, gold or champagne) look for yellow clothes that are warm too (golden yellow, mustard).

Look at Reese Witherspoon on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes. Stunning! She is a cool blonde and she is wearing a cool pale yellow Atelier Versace gown…beautiful!

How to wear yellow if you are a blonde

Look at cool blonde Tommy Lynn Calhoun (Miss Arizona USA) wearing a pastel yellow strapless dress at our YELLOW show in “Spring into Style” with Phoenix Fashion Week.

Tommy Lynn Calhoun Spring Into Style

Picture by Almanza Photography

Red Hair and Yellow Clothes:

If you are a redhead who wants to know if you can wear yellow, YES you can!

Yellow can actually complement your beautiful red locks.

My advice… go with a mustard tone and break up the yellow. Wear an accessory or lipstick color that will add interest to the outfit.

Look at the gorgeous Emma Stone rocking a yellow gown with a bold red lip and check out Amy Adams wearing a yellow strapless dress with gold accents. Stunning! 

How to wear yellow redheads

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Brown/Black Hair and Yellow Clothes:

Brunettes are asking the question… “What shade of yellow looks best on me?

Light yellow is the answer! Other yellows might look great too, but as a general rule… light yellow!

Look at Marion Cotillard wearing Valentino. Love!

When it comes to black hair, a lemon yellow works best.

Look at Viola Davis on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes. Beautiful!

How to wear yellow brunettes and black hair

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