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I met designer Monica Mauro a few months ago during a Fashion Arizona Meetup. I was instantly attracted like a magnet to her booth. I don’t know if it was the beautiful jewelry setup, the sparkle of the druzy stone or her warm and welcoming personality. The fact is we started to talk and we clicked. I not only learned about her work and passion, but also about her life and where this passion comes from. That’s exactly what inspired me to write this article. I invite you to learn about Monica below.

Monica Mauro


Monica Mauro will be participating at the Shop Garment District by Phoenix Fashion Week this Friday, August 5th at 6 PM at the Moxy Hotel in Tempe, Arizona. You can meet her – as well as other Emerging Designers – check out and shop their collections and enjoy a fashion show. To attend this event, buy your tickets HERE.

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Gitana Styling: When did your passion for designing jewelry start?

Monica Mauro: Since I was a little girl I was attracted to play with different outfits and accessories! I used to change my outfit like 5 times a day and always finding different hats, necklaces or shoes to model for my family. But it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I decided to pursue that passion and make it a reality. I started making glass fused jewelry from scratch. Cutting the glass in different shapes, creating abstract designs and fusing the pieces in a kiln and sold my pieces at art galleries. Then I started mixing natural stones with glass until I moved on to just creating pieces with semi-precious stones.


GS: Tell us about you and your background?

MM: I was born and raised in Mexico. I am from a family with very strong roots in music and the arts. For me it was always a natural step to gravitate to the arts and to use my creativity. My bachelor’s degree is in International Relations and I worked for the American Consulate in Mexico for 8 years before moving to the US to become a bilingual teacher. I loved that I had the opportunity to encourage children to explore their creative side doing arts and crafts. After working for Dallas ISD for 9 years I decided to really follow my passion for arts and fashion. I live in Chandler AZ with my husband and 2 children.

Purple druzy beaded necklace by Monica Mauro

Purple druzy beaded necklace by Monica Mauro.

GS: What attracted you to working with the druzy agate stone?

MM: I decided to take the path of using natural stones and when I came across this gorgeous crystallized little stone and discovered its powerful healing properties and the various forms that it can be used in jewelry I decided to stick with it and make a full collection.


GS: When did you start working with it?

MM: After using lots of different stones and other natural materials for my pieces, I found that using druzy agate offered me so much flexibility in colors, sizes, and shapes that it just grew into a full collection.

White Glass beaded necklace with white free form geode pendant by Monica Mauro

White Glass beaded necklace with white free form geode pendant by Monica Mauro.

GS: What’s the life of an accessory designer like? What is a regular day for you?

MM: I don’t really have a regular routine. Being a jewelry designer involves a lot of different parts of running a business.  In addition to finding new materials and making new designs, I have to manage inventory of raw materials and finished products.  Every piece needs to be fitted with my logo tag as well as a price tag.  Photographs need to be taken and uploaded into my website and line sheet.  I make a lot of phone calls, send emails, and visit a lot of boutiques/resorts in order to sell my line.  There are days that I spend just filling and shipping orders that come in from my website or sales representative.  I also do a lot of trunk shows and trade shows which involves packing up the jewelry/displays etc.. and taking it on the road. Social media is another aspect of this job that demands a lot of my time.  One of my main priorities is to respond to any emails or orders that I receive from customers as it is very important to make a personal connection with each individual customer or wholesale buyer.


GS: What are you currently working on?

MM: I am currently involved with Phoenix Fashion Week competing for Emerging Designer of the Year and going to their Designer 4 month Boot Camp program which involves multiple challenges, homework, attend workshops and seminars, make appointments with buyers, interview with media, meet short notice deadlines and have opportunities to display my collection and make direct retail sales at the two big events in August and October.

Druzy bracelets by Monica Mauro.

Druzy bracelets by Monica Mauro.

GS: What’s next for Monica Mauro?

MM: Get into the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas. Complete my Designer Boot Camp with success, continue to make contacts and continue to sell my jewelry line in more boutiques and resorts.


GS: How can we connect with you?

MM: By email or by phone: 214-558-6770

Instagram: #monicamaurodesigns

Facebook: monicamaurojewelry


*All pictures provided by Monica Mauro.


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